ActOne® in 100 words

ActOne® is a self-owner capital that initiates its activity in September of 2009.

It's specialized in healthcare and pharma sector. ActOne® had positioned itself since the beginning has one of the most important clients partner in the market research area.

Because of that position and having a team with a deep knowledge in market research and business intelligence, ActOne® nowadays directs its efforts developing new and innovative methodologies and creation of differentiated collection data solutions.

For all these reasons we don't hide our desire of being seen by our clients as an essential element in the decision process.

Aspiration, Vision, Mission and Values


ActOne® aspirates to be the leader in Portugal and have international presence in the information services and knowledge management market, differing itself in the development of new solutions to the Pharma Industry.


Be recognized as a reference in the investigation done in market and knowledge, directed to the healthcare and pharma sector in Portugal and outside Portugal, counting with a high level of services and solutions, deserving the preference of our clients in the decision process and with the execution of sales and marketing solutions.


Be a partner of our clients in the search, identification and knowledge management offering them a vertical solution leveraged in a constant innovation, with the objective of transforming these knowledge in real actions, guide our clients to accelerate the product adoption and supporting them in the marketing and sales management activities.


To reach our main objective, the creation of value-added proposals to our clients, we search the best practices in the all we do. We believe thatto reach these scenarios it's only possible if we respect constantly the quality and excellence control and: