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AskIt® is an online Market Research toll developed by ActOne®. It's supported with the major healthcare professional panel of Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses and other healthcare professionals in Portugal.
Actually the panel has statically significance in the majority of the medical and no medical specialties.


Software as a service

Askit® doesn't need download or installation, only needs a device with internet.

Elimination of the interviewer

The respondent answers directly in his Askit® personal page. Comfortable, autonomous, without interviewer intervention and pressure to answer.

This is a noninvasive methodology

System of rewards and social responsibility

The respondents are always granted for the time they spend in the respond of the questionnaire, this behavior increase the compliance and the quality of the information collected, for all projects that we pretend to do.


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Respecting the Portuguese law (Law number 67/98 of 26/November) about Personal Data.
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