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The negotiations for the purchase of 76% of ActOne, S.A.’s share capital, by its Founders, to HMR International, were concluded.

9 de Setembro de 2020

Cláudio Costa and João Maxieira, current ActOne’s Executive Directors and Founding Partners, have acquired the full control of ActOne, S.A. which the majority of the share capital was held by HMR International. With this transaction, the Founding Partners, jointly, own 100% of the share capital and HMR is no longer a shareholder.

João Maxieira states that "despite the current moment and the natural future uncertainty of this sector in Europe and in the World, we are certain that it will be the Pharmaceutical Industry, through its continuous investment in R&D, that will be the great responsible for the solution in the recovery of the world normalization" and therefore, for this experienced Executive, to be part of this dynamic will be a challenge that will be embraced with renewed motivation.

"The aim of this operation is to reinforce the continuous investment in the generation of knowledge and added value for the Healthcare sector in general and the Pharmaceutical Industry in particular, a sector that we will always support with our current and future products and service solutions", says Cláudio Costa who goes on in saying that "this agreement will allow us to maintain the course in the implementation of our strategic vision regarding the positioning and ambitions for the European market that currently represents 50% of our business".

Both say: "We have in our genesis the ambition to become global partners in the Health Area and we believe that we will continue this path".

SME Leader 2015

12 de Novembro de 2015

It is with great satisfaction that ActOne is again awarded the status of SME Leader 2015, distinction receiving since 2012 .
Once again, we fill in the IAPMEI requirements and renewed "our" status. This is a very important distinction for us.

None of this would be possible without the dedication of the entire ActOne’s employees, when seeking innovation and always presenting new solutions to our customers.

For us, the main goal is to contribute to the success of the companies that work with us. Knowing that through our solutions they can achieve it, is certainly a great satisfaction for us.

Therefore, we thank our customers. The confidence of all these partners in our company is our most valuable asset.

4You has more than 65% of Portugal active physicians

28th January of 2015

As a results of the a mass communication and promotional campaigns together with the medical community in Portugal, 4You platform already accounts for more than 65% of total active physicians and with more than 2700 pharmacies, in addition to other healthcare professionals (pharmacists, dentists, nurses, healthcare institutions, etc.)

Physicians see 4You as the best platform to receive and share information, such as promotional and scientific communications and papers, with colleagues.

Considering the whole year of 2014 we register:
  • Increased coverage of all medical specialties
  • Increased coverage (number of physicians) in main specialties, such as General practice, Internal medicine, Cardiology, Endocrinology, Pulmonology, Oncology, Rheumatology, Neurology and Infectiology for example
  • Increased opening rates when compared to 2013

4You is a unique email marketing platform for the pharmaceutical industry, which is part of the ActOne’s Multichannel offering. 4You gives clients the possibility of being used only once (one shot) or being integrated in the communication plans of the different pharmaceutical companies.

Considering all the ‘sends’ and all the specialties, the opening rate in 2014 was 32% (compared to 2013 means an annual growth of 30,3%)

If you’re interest in knowing more about 4You and its conditions, please contact us.

ActOne reinforces your ​​Market Research Department

18th Outubro of 2013

The ActOne on its path of growth and with the relationship already established with the Higher Education and Research Groups, recruited in partnership with the Institute of Economics and Management in the person of the President of the School Professor João Duque, three new interns from Marketing area, Business Studies and Economics of Science and Technology and Innovation.

The three new interns , Sara Ribeiro , Raquel and Roberto António Moreira will work directly with the person in charge of Market Research Department in the development of new methodologies and new projects in this area.

The ActOne Management Team against the current growth of the Company, admits still this year to strengthen its team with the addition of two more elements.

Investment in new elements makes ActOne get new ways to think so , always to present to your customers , projects and innovative solutions of the highest quality.

ActOne PME Lider 2013

28th Setembro of 2013

ActOne received today the PME Lider 2013 certificate fulfilling all the requests required by IAPMEI regulations.

PME Lider certificate aims to enforce the notoriety of middle dimension companies that compete in the most competitive environments in the national economy. PME Lider certificate works like a recognition stamp and impulsing management dynamic processes, that contribute in a sustainable way to wealth creation and social welfare.

This Institutional recognition is one more incentive to offer better solutions and projects to our clients.

Know more about PME Lider 2013 statute here

OnePharma CRM continues to amaze!

9th of May of 2013

One of the most admired and recognized top 5 multinational pharmaceutical company present in Portugal has won an internal award "Best European CRM Implementation Award" for the implementation of OnePharma CRM.

OnePharma CRM increased marketing and sales teams mobility (using IPads) enjoying real time information to increase the efficacy managing their customers in the field. OnePharma CRM explored conventional functionalities like Call Reporting while going far beyond through advance KAM functionalities, advanced Pharmacy channel Management, Merchandising tools, multilevel discount campaigns, Trade Marketing Management and Workflows integrating real-time SAP data to process orders, account receivables, stocks, direct sales, etc.

Book with us a meeting right now to know better this powerful tool, OnePharma CRM.

New OnePharma CLM web-site

29th of April of 2013

ActOne launched last week the OnePharma CLM website! In this new web-site you can see how this product works, seeing the main features and benefits, that permits you to improve your product communication with your costumers.

If you need a presentation of this innovative product do not hesitate to get in touch with ActOne.

Visite o site em:

ActOne in the Health Cluster Portugal

It's with enormous pleasure that we communicate that ActOne is an associate member of Health Cluster Portugal.

Health Cluster Portugal is an association that only counts with the most innovators enterprises in the technologic developing and solutions creation to the Healthcare Sector. We consider that is natural the ActOne accession to this group, because since its creation, ActOne always develop to its clients and to the healthcare community solutions and innovative processes that contribute and continuing to contribute to the technologic development of the healthcare sector in Portugal.

This partnership bring to us more endurance to continue to exceeded the costumer and partners expectative, because in the time that the investment in Healthcare isn't a priority, this type of association facilitate the develop in partnership of new and better solutions, that in the future can bring return to all players in the Healthcare sector.

To know more about this association please click here:

OnePharma CRM continues to grow!

1th of October of 2012

ActOne has implemented OnePharma CRM in another leading Pharmaceutical Company.

The entire project was completed in record time allowing the sales teams to streamline the order management process, enjoy advanced KAM functionalities and improve the sales and marketing efficiency.

Campaigns are synchronized in real time integrating Marketing and Sales policy as well as Customer's ERP data and business rules. The system is cloud, accessible and updated anytime or anywhere through a single device (In this case iPad).

To know more about OnePharma CRM contact us or click on the Link.

ActOne launched today a new product called check it!

05th of July of 2012

Check it! is a tool totally develop by the ActOne® team that offers a unique knowledge to the Pharma Industry. Have information from different official sources of 4 countries (Portugal and the three reference countries: Spain, Slovenia and Italy).

Know better how its works schedule a presentation reunion or visit the check it! web-site:

ActOne® opens the doors to the University

16th April of 2012

ActOne® have actually running 4 academic projects. 3 projects about IT and one project about marketing. If you have an individual or a group project to do, you can contact

Don't forget to mention in the email the name of your university, course, degree, theme, include your resume, main objective and teacher name. If you catch our interest we could help you implement the work and see if it applies in the real market.

The University inside ActOne®

7th of April of 2012

The futures engineers Leandro Nave, Miguel Pancada and Ricardo Brazão, all students of the Lisbon Superior Engineer Institute (ISEL), are doing inside ActOne® individual projects. The projects will be implemented in the market research online tool Askit®.

It isn't the first time that ActOne® collaborates with university students helping them finish their academic projects. In 2011 ActOne® had two ISEL trainees students working in the IT area that today are ActOne® employees. Also, in 2011 other trainee entered from the Lisbon Economics and Management Institute (ISEG) in the marketing area and is also now connected to ActOne®.

These individual projects and trainees programs are the beginning of the new projects that ActOne® will communicate soon with ISEL in the information technology and with ISEG-UTL in the development of strategic protocols in management and marketing.

The entrance of people with new ideas obligates ActOne® to innovate and to go out of its comfort zone and with that creating new solutions to its customers.

ActOne® certificated by ESOMAR

4th of April of 2012

ActOne® always respected the international market research instructions defended by ESOMAR. ESOMAR certified an ActOne® market research team member.

Know more about ESOMAR in:

ActOne presents the new multi-client study: Link®.

6th de February of 2012

After its development, Link® is now a closed and independent study.

Link® identifies who are the opinion leaders in a therapeutic area using a self-created methodology, where the reference error is not possible.

More than identify the leaders, Link® is different when compared to others studies of reference or influence. Link® is a quantitative study, eliminates the interviewer, the sales representatives' opinions and perceptions and can distinguish the leaders between them. Assembling a detailed report about the influence areas and the number of references obtained for each identified leader.

To know more, about this innovative and unique study contact ActOne® or consult the Link® Product Sheet, clicking here.

ActOne® launches the 4you® website

18th de January of 2012

The 4you® site is structured to give notice this new email marketing platform.

The site provides information about the best practices to have in consideration when the client sends the emails and explains what he have to do to respect the Law. Explains in detailed what are the features and conditions of 4you® usage and responds to all frequent questions about this email marketing service. It's possible to see doctors' testimonials about the messages they received from the 4you®.

As the 4you® service, this site is simple and user-friendly. Visit and know more about this new communication channel, that is increasing around the world and especially in Portugal.

4you® is a platform that has in its database more than 50% of the all active doctors in all specialties in Portugal. Visit the site and know more about this service.